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For decades, our community of faculty, staff, and retirees have made an immeasurable impact on this campus through the IUPUI Campus Campaign.

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As a dedicated member of the campus community, you have keen insight into IUPUI’s opportunities to grow and improve. Wherever you choose to give, you’ll play an important role in shaping IUPUI students, programs, and work for years to come.

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Asking for help to pay bills is very hard for me, as I was able to do this before COVID hit. Now I'm just at a loss. I'm really struggling. Any amount will help us. I just don't know where else to turn.

Student recipient of IUPUI Student Emergency Relief Fund support

Help IUPUI students when they need it most.

Many IUPUI students continue to face incredibly challenging circumstances, such as lost wages, unforeseen medical expenses, and housing insecurity. To help, we’re spotlighting the IUPUI Student Emergency Relief Fund to help our students who have encountered sudden financial hardship, right in their moment of greatest need.

Your gift could be the difference between a student finishing their education and not.

IUPUI Student Emergency Relief Fund

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