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Each year, IUPUI’s faculty, staff, and retirees come together to make a difference for the campus. Through the annual Campus Campaign, IUPUI employees direct their personal financial support to the programs and areas of the campus they care about most. These generous personal gifts provide support for campus resources that distinguish IUPUI and foster excellence. 

  • IUPUI receives money from the state of Indiana. Isn’t that enough?

    IUPUI is state-assisted, but the amount of state support is shrinking. The balance comes from tuition, fees, contracts, grants, and private gifts. Every great university depends on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations to provide resources that are not available otherwise.

  • I can only give a modest amount. How can my gift make a difference?

    Every gift is important. We’ve seen the great things that the IUPUI campus community can accomplish when it comes together. The Campus Campaign is no different. Our collective gifts—no matter how big or small—add up quickly and can make a major difference.

  • What do gifts to the IUPUI Campus Campaign support?

    The beauty of the Campus Campaign is that you decide exactly what your gift supports. Faculty, staff, and retirees may designate their gift to one of more than 1,500 accounts. In 2017, 997 accounts across the IUPUI campus benefited from the Campus Campaign.

  • How is the Campus Campaign different from the United Way Campaign?

    The Campus Campaign is run by IUPUI faculty and staff and the IU Foundation for the benefit of the IUPUI campus. All money raised through the Campus Campaign is directed to the IUPUI unit, school, or account of the donor’s choosing.

    While many IUPUI units have United Way Campaign coordinators who solicit donations from IUPUI faculty and staff, the money raised supports community programming throughout Central Indiana—from volunteer reading and tax preparation programs to physical fitness and youth leadership initiatives.

  • Can I direct my gift?

    Yes. Your gift can be directed to a specific school, unit, or program. Give today and choose from one of these more than 1,500 accounts.

  • How do I make my gift?

    Thank you for considering a gift to IUPUI. Your gift may be made through payroll deduction or by completing a gift form and designating use of payroll deduction, check, or credit card.

    Or you can visit give.iu.edu, choose how and to what cause you want to give, and follow the instructions.

  • I’d like to make a change to my payroll deduction(s). What are my options?

    You have the opportunity to select one of three options on the payroll deduction form from the drop-down menu under the “Deduction Is” header:

    1. If you already have an existing payroll deduction in place and would like to add another, select “In Addition To”
    2. If you don’t currently have any payroll deductions in place, select “New”
    3. If you would like to replace all of your current payroll deductions and start a new, single payroll deduction, select “Replace All Current”

  • Whom do I contact for more information?

    Many units on campus have a campus campaign coordinator who can provide employees with a gift form and additional information.